About the 2018 Guest Regions

At the Walk-Around Grand Tastings (March 2-3, 2019), in addition to the Virginia wine and spirits you'll enjoy, you'll also taste a well curated selection of wines from our International Guest Region, Chile, and our National Guest Region, Central, Santa Cruz Mountains and Southern California.   

The International Guest Region of Chile*

Chile is an enchanting, remarkable place, which has a temperate maritime climate ideal for growing grapes and yet offers tremendous diversity in its terrains.  With abundant sunshine, night sea/mountain breezes, and stunning enviroments - from dramatic coastlines to rolling hills to jagged mountains - Chile's wine regions produce amazing red and white wines that have made the country one of the hottest wine regions in the world.  Most of Chile's wine regions stretch between Elqui Valley in the North, down to Malleco in the South, and from the folds of the Andes mountains in the East to the coastal hillsides of the Pacific in the West.

Despite the North-South orientation, the wine regions in Chile show a greater diversity from East to West, according to their proximity to the Andes or the ocean.  Grapes that grow in the plains benefot from more uniform temperatures and richer soils, while the vineyards in the west receive more Pacific influence with colder conditions and morning fogs that create the ideal conditions for exquisite whites and reds filled with freshness.

* Source for this information came from Wines of Chile

The National Guest Region of Central, Santa Cruz Mountains and Southern California

The Central, Southern and Santa Cruz Mountains wine regions of California cover a massive geographic area from northern california, where the Santa Cruz mountains are located, to Santa Barbara, which is close to Mexico's border.  

Central "Coast" California has total planted acreage of land estimated at over 90,000 acres, contains more than 40 American Viticultural Areas (AVA's) and offers multiple sub-regions with diversified climates which produce some of California's most delicious, intriguing and up-and-coming wines.   Varietals such as Syrah, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Zinfindel, Merlot and Cabernet Franc grow very well in these regions and tend to offer much better price/quality value propositions compared to better know wine regions in California, such as Sonoma and Napa.