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MASTER-CLASS Seminar: The Extraordinary Wines of Portugal

Greater Richmond Convention Center
403 North 3rd Street Richmond
11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Filipe da Mota Neves, based in Portugal, is the Brand Manager and Ambassador of Ferreira and Casa Ferreirinha, two premier wine brands located in Douro Portugal. Mr. Neves will lead you through some of his and Broadbent Selections' (one of America's premier importers of super-premium wines) finest red and white wines from Portugal.

You'll taste ten to twelve amazing Portuguese wines, including Port and Madeira.  Broadbent Selections specializes in importing some of the world's most sought after Portuguese wines (and wines from other regions of the world) from artisan family wineries in those countries.  The firm also markets its own Broadbent Port, Madeira and Vinho Verde brands, which originate from Portugal.

This seminar represents a unique and enlightening opportunity to taste some exceptional wines imported by one of the finest ambassadors of Portuguese wine in the wine world.

About Broadbent Selections' philosophy on importing wine:

When we look for wines to import, at Broadbent Selections Inc., we have a few absolutes. First and foremost, the wine must be the very best of its type. It’s not enough for a wine to please us; its quality and value must bowl us over. It’s been said that the difference between a good meal and a great meal is that, with the former, you finish the meal thinking, “The food was good”. With a great meal however, you think, “Life is good”. And that’s precisely what we we look for, and what we’re proud to represent; wines that gratify not just the palate, but the soul. Yet, we do more than represent wine. We also represent the people and passion behind those wines, which is why, since we were founded in 1996, our focus has always been on family-owned wineries-on places with personality and stories, and on wines that come from the heart. Quality and character: those are absolutes. We’re extremely proud of both the wines we represent at Broadbent Selections and the great people behind them.

Filipe da Mota Neves Biography

Filipe da Mota Neves is the Brand Manager and Ambassador of Ferreira and Casa Ferreirinha, in the Douro Region, Portugal. Holding an Agronomic Engineering Degree (major in Viticulture &

Winemaking) and a Master’s Degree in Winemaking from two of the most prestigious Portuguese Universities, his passion for Portuguese wines made him decide to dedicate his life to making them known all around the world. With more than 15 years of experience in the wine business, on both production and promotion side, Filipe has been with Ferreira and Casa Ferreirinha since 2009 and currently dedicates his time to the promotion of Casa Ferreirinha around the world.” 

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