Welcome to the 2018 Virginia Wine Expo presented by Publix!  Please join us February 27-March 4, 2018, in Richmond, Virginia.

General Expo Insights

  • Wine enthusiasts and novices will thoroughly enjoy our events.  Owners, winemakers, distributor representatives and knowledgeable volunteers will discuss the wines and spirits you are tasting.
  • Wines for all events are curated by our team.  Virginia wineries are invite-only and the wines from our National Guest Region, Oregon, and International Guest Region, New Zealand and Australia, are hand-picked based on their quality.  The average retail value of the wines at our events ranges from $20 to $60.
  • The VIP sessions for all events will offer wines, spirits and/or craft beers that are not available to General Admission attendees as well as offering a one-hour head start.
  • Events are all-inclusive - you will not be charged for wine or food (if it is a food event) unless you are purchasing wine or spirits to take home.
  • The best deals are the combo packages, which feature two or more events and offer signifcant discounts.  Combo deals are perfect for an amazing craft beverage and culinary experience.
  • BUY EARLY!  The Expo has dramatically changed the events to make them higher quality and less crowded, which will limit the number of available tickets per session compared to previous years.
  • Admission into our events without the privilege to consume alcohol or food (if food is included), is available.  Please scroll down the ticket page to find these ticket options.  
  • If you purchase wine or spirits at the Expo, you must make arrangements with the winery or distillery at the event to hold your wine until you leave, if you do not want to carry it around.  There will not be a wine-check service.
  • There are no limits as far as how much wine or spirits you purchase, except if the winery or distillery does not have enough supplies on-site to satisfy your order.
  •  Expo events begin promptly.   If you are late, we can't refund or replace your tickets.  Also, refunds are not available for lost or misplaced tickets.
  • Please wear comfortable shoes and we heartily recommend business or casual attire - especially dressing in black since wine doesn't appreciate white colors!
  • Please arrive at our events early, especially concerning Main Street Station (MSS).  Although we will have a designated parking deck, which we will inform you about if you buy tickets, you will need time to find the deck or alternative parking lots nearby and then walk to MSS.
  • Please drink responsibly and consider staying at one of our partner hotels.

In addition to reading the event schedule, we strongly recommend you review the event tips and general information.


The Virginia Wine Expo presented by Publix is proud to be a Virginia Green event, which requires passing strict guidelines that minimize our impact on the environment.