Important Announcement on the 2021 and 2022 Virginia Wine Expo

December 1, 2020

Every year the Expo team looks forward to hosting thousands of wine enthusiasts, spirits and cider lovers, and foodies from around the U.S. at our unique wine and food experiences.  Our beloved Richmond, Virginia (RVA), a craft beverage and culinary destination, serves as the perfect backdrop, especially for our largest events – the Walk-Around Grand Tastings, SMOKED! and Bounty of Virginia – which are held at spectacular and historic Main Street Station.

We aspire to present experiences that are educational, fun and memorable and that we would want to attend ourselves.

It’s hard to imagine how dramatically the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world since last February.  Quite literally, Virginia went into lockdown-mode four days after the 2020 Expo concluded.  Sadly, the impact on the artisan wine, spirits, cider, craft beer, culinary and hospitality communities has been devastating.  

For months we held out hope that the pandemic situation would improve enough for us to run our normal, large-scale Expo at Main Street Station and nearby venues in early March of 2021.  

Unfortunately, the opposite has occurred, as infection rates and attendant health concerns have worsened heading into winter.  

However, with the announcement of successful test results from two vaccines (and hopefully more on the way), we have a renewed sense of optimism that life will return to normal or close-to-normal sometime in 2021.

Based on current restrictions on large gatherings, which are likely to stay in place for an extended period, we have made the hard decision not to run a full-scale 2021 Expo during our traditional time frame in early March.  

However, we are already making plans to run a special 2022 Virginia Wine Expo, which will likely include several smaller-scale, premier experiences in the latter half of 2021.

Further, it is likely that ticket sales for the 2022 Expo will open extraordinarily early in 2021 – perhaps sometime in the Spring – to give you plenty of lead time to plan for events being held in late 2021 and in 2022.  

We can’t wait to unveil our 2022 schedule.  We’ll be introducing some new events and enhancing our signature events, intent on presenting uplifting and celebratory craft beverage and culinary experiences you’ll cherish for years to come.

We will provide updates on our Facebook page and/or via e-mail when events warrant.

Stay safe and healthy and enjoy a happy Holiday season!  

The Virginia Wine Expo Team