Masterclass Seminar: Does Virginia Have a Wine Identity?


Thursday, February 29, 2024

6:15 PM – 8:00 PM


Main Street Station
1500 E Main St.,
Richmond, Virginia, 23219


An Incredible Masterclass Seminar Offering a Unique State to Global Perspective on Virginia Wine Presented by Sommelier Erin Scala

This fascinating seminar will explore whether Virginia - with its 300+ wineries (and counting) and 45+ year history - has begun to develop a statewide and/or regional wine identity that can be tasted and described, much like wines from other notable wine regions around the world.

The best wine regions in the world typically have a distinguishing identity that can be tasted and described, and that identity typically manifests itself through a a grape varietal and/or grape blend that is considered exceptional and especially remarkable for that region.  The development of an “official” state or regional grape can take many decades, if not longer, to form and depends on the individual talents of winemakers and their respective teams as they spend years experimenting with various grapes, viticultural techniques, and plots of land, until they finally determine which grapes grow best and yield the highest quality.   The collective efforts of these winemakers over long periods of time, assuming the terroir is conducive to producing high-quality grapes, tend to converge and create a regional wine identity, a distinguishing flavor profile, and an official state/regional grape or grape blend.  

Learn whether Virginia has progressed enough to firmly declare what its wine identity is and which grape varietal(s) and blends can be considered the state's “official state grape” and/or “official state blend”.

Please join us for a very special Masterclass seminar accompanied with light charcuterie to enhance your tasting experience.

With Your Ticket, You Will:

  • Taste 14+ highly regarded wines from Virginia and other notable wine regions around the world
  • Enjoy light charcuterie bites to enhance your tasting experience (not intended to be a meal!)
  • Explore (and learn to describe) the typical wine ‘identity’ and distinguishing flavor profiles of wines from numerous domestic and international regions and discover whether Virginia wine has a regional identity and an official state grape/blend too

Important Information

  • Only 21 years or older are permitted to enter the event.
  • Casual attire.
  • All inclusive.
  • Cost of admission is $5.  The remaining costs cover the privilege to consume sampled food and drinks (excluding complimentary water).


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